Kitten Care - Important Things To Know About Kitten Care

How can I tell if my kitten is happy and healthy?

If a kitten is happy, they will be very playful and curious. They eat and drink well, thrive, and consistently gain weight. They're just happy.

Dr. Odet Kaspari-Chiriboga
Hillcrest Pet Hospital

What do you recommend feeding my new kitten?

It's very important to feed them kitten food that's specifically made for them. There are different brands of all kinds of variety over the counter. It can either be wet or dry kibble. Make sure you choose a brand that does clinical studies on their diets. I know Royal Canin, Purina, Iams, and Hill's cat food all do that.

What will my veterinarian look for during the first kitten care visit?

I will make sure that they look normal as a kitten should, and there isn't any discharge from the eyes, they do not have any difficulty breathing, there's no painful abdomen, no overtly distended abdomen, and they just look happy.

Why is it important to avoid self-diagnosing, if possible, like Dr. Google?

It's very important to go to an experienced veterinarian who's been doing this for many years and is familiar with the ins and outs of your pet instead of putting some symptoms in and just getting some random diagnosis online, which can not only scare you. It also causes people to do things they're not supposed to do: self-treating, which can harm your pet further.

When should my kitten first go to the veterinarian?

We usually start vaccination at eight weeks. It's really easy to know how old your kitten is because on average they gain a pound a month for the first six months of their lives. So when they're about two pounds, you know they're about eight weeks old. That's when we start vaccinating. They usually get three sets of vaccines about every three to four weeks apart. After that, we see your cat every six months to one year.

What should I know about my kitten's behavior?

Mainly they should be playful because kittens are very curious and playful. They will scratch things. It's good to get scratchers and toys and things like that to keep them occupied and motivated; otherwise, they will start scratching your couches and your furniture.

What should I ask my veterinarian the first time I take my baby in to see the veterinarian?

It's very important to know what to feed them, how often to feed them, and how often to come to see us. It's very important to learn about dental care and vaccinations regularly whether or not this kitty cat will be an indoor or outdoor kitty. If your cat is going to be an outdoor kitty, for whatever reason, if they can't stay inside, make sure you test them for Feline Leukemia, AIDS, make sure they're safe, and they're not going to be run over by cars or, in this area, get eaten by coyotes. Those are the things you need to discuss with your veterinarian. It's very specific to your area and where you live.

When should my kitten get spayed or neutered?

They can be spayed or neutered as early as five to six months of age or if you want to wait a little bit longer. In the kitten community, it's hard to contain them once they go into heat. It's better to spay them before their first heat cycle.

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