Boarding - Pet Boarding at Hillcrest Pet Hospital

What if my pet is on medication or a special diet and is boarding?

If your pet happens to be on a special diet or is taking any medications, you can go ahead and just bring that in and we'll feed and administer pills or tablets however you want to do it. We can do that anytime.

Daniel, Veterinary Technician
Hillcrest Pet Hospital

What does the play area look like for my boarding dogs?

All our boarders, mainly our dogs, go out twice a day in the morning and afternoon. They go out by themselves separately unless requested by the owners. Most pets don't do very well away from the owners with other dogs, so normally they just go out by themselves.

What is the temperature of the boarding facility?

We try to keep it at a cool 73 at all times. Obviously, if it gets hot outside or if it rains outside, we will adjust the temperature as needed.

What if my dog is really small... or really big?

We have cages that can accommodate anything from five pounds to a hundred plus pounds.

Do you have cat boarding available?

Of course, our cats are boarded separately from our dogs just so they don't get too nervous while they're here and they are also boarded individually.

Are hospitalized pets able to be boarded?

Yes, we do hospitalize. They're kept with the cats, also away from the dogs, so as to be a little more quiet.

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